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Getting Started

Getting Started with Task101

To register with Task101 now click here. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. When you receive the confirmation email, click on the "Please click here to confirm your email address" link. This will confirm your email address. Important - certain features are restricted until you confirm your email address! If you're not sure whether your email address is confirmed you can check. To see how click here.

Your Profile and why it's important

Your profile contains important information that allows you to control how Task101 communicates with you. Please take a few minutes to review and update your Profile.

Creating and managing tasks

Whether you are managing a few tasks of your own or a large number of tasks that you will delegate and manage, Task101 is the right tool. At its core, Task101 is a powerful task management system. Start by learning how to create a task.

Viewing a task

When reviewing your tasks, you only get a glimpse of the


As your task list gets larger you may find it necessary to organize things into groups or Contexts. Contexts allows you to specify whether a task is a work related, personal, school, or other group of task. By using Contexts you will be able to view only the tasks that apply at the moment. If you are at work for example, you may only want to work with tasks that are work related. Learn more click here.

Collaborating with other Task101 users

One of the powerful features of Task101 is the ability to manage tasks you are working on as well as tasks you delegate to others. With Task101 you can delegate tasks to others simply and securely. You now have the ability to manage all of the work you're responsible for in one place. To Learn more about working with others click here.


Your tasks are under your control. Mark a task as "Private" and only you can view it. It stays private. If you mark a task as "Shared" only those that you give permission may view it.  You may give others the ability to view tasks in a number of ways. If you wish to let a user view specific tasks, you can add that user as an "Observer" for that task. Once accepted, that user will see the task on their task list. This allows them to see what's going on with that task. The other option to allow a user to view your tasks is to let them see all of your shared tasks within a Context. This can be done from the "Manage Users" page. Remember, if you give a user permission to see the tasks within a context, they still can't view tasks marked "Private".


If you wish to share or delegate tasks with other users, you must add those users to your Contact List. Once you have properly established your contacts, you may view their shared tasks and they may view yours. Again viewing tasks another users tasks is governed by whether a task is Shared or Private and whether the user is permitted.
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