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User Manual - Getting Started - Lost Password

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  2. Getting Started
    1. Lost Password

Lost Password Recovery

If you can't remember your password you may reset it by clicking "click here to reset it" on the Login page:

Task101 reset password link highlighted

Enter your email address on the Reset Password page and click send:

Task101 Reset Password page

A confirmation will be displayed:

Task101 Reset Password Email Sent page from jdoe perspective

And an email will be sent to you:

Task101 Reset Password Email

To change your password click "Please click here to reset your password:

Task101 Reset Password Email reset your password highlighted

The Create New Password page is displayed:

Task101 Create New Password page

Enter your password in the "New Password" field and the "Confirm New Password" Field then click "Save Password":

You will be logged in to Task101 using your new password and a confirmation will be displayed on the top of the page:

Task101 Password Reset Confirmation displayed
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