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User Manual - Getting Started - Setting up an Account

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  2. Getting Started
    1. Setting up an Account
      1. Register
      2. Confirm your Email Address
      3. You were invited by another Task101 user

Setting up an Account

To create an account in Task101 you may register at www.task101.com. If you received an invitation invitation email from another Task101 user you may join by clicking on the link in the invitation email.


To setup a new Task101 account go to the www.task101.com and click the register link:

Task101 Home page registration link

Fill in your name (First and Last), your email address, your desired password, then click the Register button and the initial registration step has been completed.

Task101 Registration page jdoe populated

You will be logged in to your account and your Hot List will be displayed:

Task101 Empty Hotlist from jdoe perspective

Confirm your Email Address

After you have completed the registration process, Task101 will send a confirmation email to the address you used when your account was created. Please note that you do not have access to full set of features in Task101 until after you confirm your email address.

Task101 email address confirmation

The confirmation email contains a link, "Please click here to confirm your email address". Clicking on the link will confirm your email address. This process will establish that the email address you registered belongs to you. Once this step has been completed you may Login to Task101 and Update your Profile. If you didn't receive the email confirmation, or accidentally deleted it, you may request another confirmation email. To request another confirmation email, Login to Task101, then go to the Profile page. If your email address has not been confirmed, "Your email address has not been verified" will be displayed and there will be a link to request that another confirmation email be sent.

You were invited by another Task101 user

If you received an email invitation to join Task101 from another Task101 user:

Task101 Email Invitation to join

Clicking xxxxxxxxxx on the invitation establishes your Task101 account and confirms your email address in one simple step. You should then Login to Task101.

  1. Task101 requires the use of STRONG passwords to protect your information. Your password must be at least 8 characters in length and must contain at least one alpha character (A-Z). Your password must also contain at least one numeric digit and one special character.
  2. You will need both your email address and password to Login to Task101.
  3. If you do not confirm your registration certain features will not be available to you.
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