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User Manual - What is Task101?

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  2. What is Task101?
    1. Community Edition
    2. Premium Edition
    3. Professional Edition

What is Task101?

Task101 is the ultimate, superior, best-in-class, task management tool ever. Not only does it help you organize everything you need to do, it helps you manage work you give others. It was designed with the idea of getting things done more effectively, in a more timely manner and without letting things fall through the cracks.

Task101 is a great tool for personal task management. If all you need to do is organize your own personal tasks then this will more than suffice.

Task101 is the ultimate tool for collaborative task management. If you manage a large number of tasks and are responsible for work you assign to others then this is for you.

Collaboration is the keystone on which Task101 is built.

Community Edition

The Community Edition is free of charge. You may use Task101 as our guest. In the Community Edition, Contexts are limited to a predefined set of three; Personal, School and Work and your ability to share tasks with other users is limited to two per week.

Premium Edition

The Premium Edition is available as a subscription-based service. The Premium Edition contains all of the features of the Community Edition without the restrictions. The number of Contexts is unlimited in the Premium Edition and yo may customize your Contexts to your exact needs. A major benefit of the Premium addition is the unlimited ability to work with others. There are no restrictions on sharing tasks with other users so you can feel free to collaborate.

Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is available as a subscription-based service. The Professional Edition contains all the features of the Premium Edition plus enhanced encryption. If you or your organization are required by law to use encryption when sending or receiving data, then the Premium Edition is ideal for you.
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